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What is Plastic Free July? Why is it important in 2021?

If we say “July”, what does it evoke to you?

Sun? Summer? Exams, for some, or holidays, for others?

July often rhymes with good news. A month to slow down the rhythm, enjoy some long evening with friends and family, a month full of promises for the next half of the year. Well, when we say “July”, we think about plastic. Yes, plastic. But in a good way, for once 😊

When we think about July, we think about the Plastic Free July.

But what is it all about, where does this organisation come from, and what impacts does this movement have? And, most importantly, how can we participate in its effort for 2021?

Plastic Free July – in a nutshell

Plastic Free July is a global movement launched by the Plastic Free Foundation. The organisation encourage people worldwide to rethink their relationship to single-use plastic and improve their recycling habits. In short, the movement is all about making you part of the plastic pollution solution.

From Australia, with love

A group of fish swimming in the water surrounded by plastic waste

The Plastic Free July was born in Australia, land of kangaroos, bushes, sea, surf, and, unfortunately, like most parts of our planet, plastic waste pollution.

“It all started ten years ago when I visited my local waste sorting facility. The same site that my household recycling went after I threw it away in the bin and left it out for the council to pick up every other week,” explains Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, founder of the Plastic Free July & Foundation.

In 2011, Rebecca Prince-Ruiz challenged herself to adopt a plastic-free approach for 31 consecutive days after visiting her local waste sorting facility. “I was shocked by the volume of waste. It was the day that changed everything for me,” says Rebecca Prince-Ruiz.

Her challenge worked so well that she decided to think bigger.

Together with a small team, she chose to think and act at a larger scale, inviting millions of people across the globe to take part in her experiment. And in a few years, the fight against single-use plastic Rebecca started rapidly became one of the most popular environmental campaigns in the world.

Join the Plastic Free July 2021

2020 Plastic Free July report highlights

Plastic Free July 2020 Report Highlights
A mask lying on the ground representing the waste and litter during the COVID-19 pandemic

Last year’s figures were promising and, we hope, are on the path of being even more significant in 2021.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted how our natural and societal systems are connected and interdependent, more and more people understand why now is a great time to act and join efforts against single-use plastic. Where should we start? How can we beat the 2020’s records?


Top 5 tips for joining the Plastic Free July challenge in 2021

How can we make this year’s Plastic Free July an even greater success?

The best way to start your Plastic Free journey is to target one single-use plastic to avoid at a time. Pause and look around your home, your school or office. Pick up where you see the most plastic and start looking for sustainable and better alternatives.


Replace disposable plastic cups for an insulated reusable bottle

 Change your takeaway coffee cups for an insulated bottle 350ml


Replace Single-Use cutlery for Bamboo cutlery
Change your plastic cutlery for a bamboo cutlery set.
Replace Plastic Bottles for Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle
Change your plastic water bottle for a stainless steel water bottle.
Replace Disposable Sanitary Pads for Reusable Sanitary Pads
Change your disposable sanitary pads for reusable and washable sanitary pads.
Replace Plastic Toothbrush for Bamboo Toothbrush
Change your toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush.

    Find out more tips on how to reduce
    your single-plastic consumption here

    Joining forces against single-use plastic waste

    July, beyond evoking sunshine, pools and festivals, is the month to fight against single-use plastic.

    Join the movement together with Bambaw and help us exceed the 900 million KG of plastic waste avoided last year. During the whole month of July, we are mobilising eco-warriors around the globe to participate in the Plastic Free July eco-challenges.

    Let’s make Plastic Free July unforgettable this year. Full of sun, friends, family but without single-use plastic.

    5% of our July website sales will be donated to the Plastic Free Foundation
    Join the Bambaw Eco-Challenge Today 2021

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    Bamboo Toothbrushes

    Bamboo Toothbrushes

    Reusable Sanitary Pads - Pack

    Reusable Sanitary Pads - Pack

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